Ethical principles

In Rivera Córdova y Cordero

we are renowned for establishing a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust and commitment, providing them a complete legal advising and timely supporting them with their different needs. Our commitment lies in the fact that all cases are directly handle by one Partner so that the client may be sure of the advising he is receiving. We provide a service characterized by the following ethical principles: 

Commitment and dedication

We are committed to our clients. We provide careful attention to their needs, and we offer our full dedication at the time of handling them. 


Quality is the center of our professional legal practice. We have high standards of excellence in the services we provide and in the professional management of the relationship with our clients. 


All information we handle is valued and treated with due reserve and confidentiality, strengthening a relationship of trust and honesty. 


We believe in innovation, constant learning, and development of creative solutions ending in better results, reason why we are constantly being trained and updated in all legal fields of our specialization.