Jorge Roberto Cordero Navas

NATIONALITY: Guatemalan.Lic. Jorge Cordero

ACADEMIC GRADE: Bachelor in Juridical and Social Sciences

PROFESSIONAL DEGREE: Attorney and Notary

BAR MEMBER: Number 3599


ACADEMIC GRADEBachelor in Juridical and Social Sciences

University Studies and Professional Degrees: Attorney and Notary – Faculty of Juridical and Social Sciences / Rafael Landivar University (1979-1983)

Elementary Education, Junior High School and High School: High School Diploma - Liceo Guatemala School (1968-1978).



Consultant and corporate legal advisor in several transnational, regional, and local companies in the areas of Commercial Law (preparation of identifiable and specific contracts), Administrative Law (administrative resources such as repeal, reposition, and contentious administrative), Civil Law, Notary Services (preparation and revision of regular and specific commercial contracts, mortgages, pledges and fiduciary credits, preparation and issuance of reports, and specific innominate contracts), and the management and process of administrative, civil, commercial, and constitutional litigations. 

Within the advising and consultancy at a corporate level, he supports national and foreign companies such as Colgate Palmolive, Productos Avon, Warner Lambert Guatemala, Exmibal, among others.

Experience in management, proceedings, permits, licenses, files, contesting, and administrative resources, as well as several authorizations processes before public offices and departments of Guatemala, within the following areas: 

1) Tenders and administrative contracts 

2) Organization, constitution, authorization, and modification of national and foreign companies and business corporations, and their registrations before the General Commercial Registry of the Republic 

3) Custody of book of minutes and its corresponding preparation;

4) Proceedings for foreign executives before the General Department of Migration and Ministry of Labor;

5) Procedures before the Registry of Property, Vital Statistics Office, General Commercial Registry of the Republic, and Municipality of Guatemala;

6) And before other entities and institutions from the Central Government and decentralized and autonomous entities; and

7) Constitution of foreign corporations.

Experience in administrative processes and files before departments and offices of the public administration, based on the relationships that several national or foreign companies have permanently with the State of Guatemala and with other decentralized or autonomous entities; among them: Intendancy of Special Verification (IVE), Ministry of Communication, Infrastructure and Housing, Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources; Ministry of Public Finances, General Department of Civil Aeronautics, Superintendency of Telecommunications, and Ministry of National Defense.


Professional experience: He has actively participated in the management and process of litigation related to Commercial, Civil, Administrative Contentious, and Constitutional Justice; participation that has strengthened from diverse activities and businesses with clients in several commercial operations.

The aforesaid mainly includes the following professional activities:

(a) To establish strategies in the corporate area setting certain goals on specific businesses; to propose and follow legal strategies and procedures; to prepare legal reports on different alternatives; to manage negotiations between parties; and, finally to prepare contracts based on agreements already made.

(b) Preparation of reports on procedural aspects or disagreements presented before the Court, establishing the backgrounds and applicable legislations, as well as the different alternatives and conclusions of the possible solutions of the cases.

(c) Management and handling of civil or commercial cases in ordinary proceedings, whether as petitioner or defendant (actions of unfair competition, damages and losses, resolutions for contract unfulfillment), summary proceedings (leasing, injunctions, collection actions, and legal proceedings about specific commercial contracts in the area of distribution, agency, and representation), legal executive proceedings and legal proceedings for debt collection. File of motions, defenses, common resources, resources of nullity, appeals, rectification of proceedings to request that a case be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

He has experience in legal consultancy for companies that need to implement commercial or services projects in their corporate development. Within this activity, his personal management has gain relevance within different authorities of the Central Government on several types of files and permits.

In the area of legal consultancy, I have legally advise diverse projects from local and foreign companies preparing and revising contracts of civil and commercial nature, preparing reports and making transactions related to commercial controversies for entrepreneurs in the manufacture, service and telecommunication areas.


JURIDICAL ADVISOR for the TELEPHONY DEVELOPMENT FUND (Fondo para el Desarrollo de la Telefonía), part of the Ministry of Communication, Infrastructure and Housing, and legal advisor of the Board of Administration of such institution in the area of telecommunications.

The activity in the public sector has included permanent legal advising to the General Management and Board of Administration of the Telephony Development Fund and the interaction with Legal Advisors and Directors of other public institutions, private operators, and international organizations, such as the Legal Coordination of the Ministry of Communication, Infrastructure and Housing; World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development IBRD) and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); as well as legal support for the implementation of the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FROM RURAL SECTOR PROGRAM funded by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.